Fire Hose Reels are used for Class A fires. They are usually located at places which can provide a steady supply of water to put out Class A fire hazards.

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36m Standard Fire Hose Reel

SKU: FS-420
$220.00 ex GST

($242.00 inc GST)

50m Extra Long Fire Hose Reel

SKU: FS-425
$330.00 ex GST

($363.00 inc GST)

Heavy Duty Fire Hose Reel Cover

SKU: FS-436
$62.00 ex GST

($68.20 inc GST)

Fire Hose Reel Cover - Fitted

SKU: FS-434
$62.00 ex GST

($68.20 inc GST)

Fire Hose Reel ID Sign

SKU: FS-118
$2.50 ex GST

($2.75 inc GST)

36m Fire Hose Reel Replacement Hose

SKU: FS-421
$86.00 ex GST

($94.60 inc GST)