CO2 Fire Extinguishers are used to target Class B and E fires.

They use Carbon Dioxide to smother the fire by cutting out the air supply that is fueling the fire. These Carbon Dioxide extinguishers are mainly used in offices because of their specialty in targeting electrical appliances and don't leave any residue or substance like the other fire extinguishers do.

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2.0kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher

SKU: FS-129
$156.00 ex GST

($171.60 inc GST)

3.5kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher

SKU: FS-105
$175.00 ex GST

($192.50 inc GST)

5kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher

SKU: FS-107
$185.00 ex GST

($203.50 inc GST)

Fire Extinguisher Location Sign

SKU: FS-109
$2.50 ex GST

($2.75 inc GST)

Fire Extinguisher CO2 ID Sign

SKU: FS-111
$2.50 ex GST

($2.75 inc GST)