HEXAFLUORINE® solution is a liquid which removes the aggressive chemical from the surface by mechanical sweeping and has a multiple action. The properties of HEXAFLUORINE® solution allows the absorption of acid ions (H+) and fluoride ions (F-) very quickly and simultaneously. Its power of chelation of these ions is 100 times higher than the chelating power of calcium gluconate (the usual antidote used on hydrofluoric acid burns). Like the DIPHOTERINE® solution, the HEXAFLUORINE® solution is a hypertonic solution which enables it to stop the spreading of fluor ions and thus to play a part in the complete decontamination of the splash. The combination of these three properties allows the HEXAFLUORINE® solution, used immediately after accident, to perform the optimal decontamination of hydrofluoric acid splashes and thus to prevent the dreadful sequelae that result too often from such kind of splashes (amputation, heavy surgery or even death of the victim by cardiac standstill).