Fire Blankets are mainly used for Class F fires and can also be used to put out fires from people's clothing. Restaurants and Kitchen's mainly stock these fire blankets in case of fires from hot oils such as frying pans or deep fryers.

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1m X 1m Fire Blanket

SKU: FS-101
$15.00 ex GST

($16.50 inc GST)

1.8m X 1.2m Fire Blanket

SKU: FS-102
$28.00 ex GST

($30.80 inc GST)

1.8m X 1.8m Fire Blanket

SKU: FS-180
$55.00 ex GST

($60.50 inc GST)

Fire Blanket ID Sign

SKU: FS-114
$2.50 ex GST

($2.75 inc GST)