At SAYKA our range of Nupla 1000 Volt Certified Non Conductive Digging Tools are tested to exceed IEC 60900 and ASTM F1505 standards. Each tool is etched with a test serial number which is permanently registered at Nupla Corporation for traceability. Tools are manufactured in Safety Orange for easy identification and electrical insulation. The handles of our range of Non Conductive digging tools are marked with 1000V high voltage double diamond.

Nuplaglas composite handles resist heat and cold, and provide insulation from electric shock. They are idealy suited for Utilities, Railroads, Councils and Electrical Contractors. For professional advice or to learn more about these products, feel free to get in touch with the team today on 1300 088 089 or email

4 Products

Insulated Fibreglass Digging Bar with Wedge

SKU: ES-351
$355.00 ex GST

($390.50 inc GST)

Insulated Fibreglass 1.2m Soil Probe - 1000V

SKU: ES-355
$108.00 ex GST

($118.80 inc GST)

Insulated Pick Mattock - 1000V

SKU: ES-358
$240.00 ex GST

($264.00 inc GST)

Insulated Round Mouth Long Handle Shovel - 1000V

SKU: ES-362
$239.80 ex GST

($263.78 inc GST)