Large range of Reusable Fabric Face Masks. All fabric face masks available from SAYKA are manufactured with specially treated fabrics to reduce bacteria by over 99%.

Fabric face masks can be washed and reused many times which makes them an economical & environmentally friendly alternative to disposable masks for personal use. Fabric masks are not considered suitable for high-risk medical situations where disposable masks are required.

Please feel free to give us a call on 1300 088 089 to speak to our technical safety specialists in regards to what your specific situation requires. Alternatively email

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2 Ply Cotton Blend Washable Face Masks

SKU: RP-250
$1.20 ex GST

($1.32 inc GST)

(*) Minimum Quantity: 10

3 Ply Cotton Blend Washable Face Masks

SKU: RP-252
$4.50 ex GST

($4.95 inc GST)

(*) Minimum Quantity: 5

Cotton Face Mask - with adjustable toggle

SKU: RP-298
$3.50 ex GST

($3.85 inc GST)

    3 Ply Camo Reusable Fabric Face Masks - Australian Made

    $9.00 ex GST

    ($9.90 inc GST)

      Nano-Tech Reusable Face Mask

      SKU: EC-CMK-3
      $8.90 ex GST

      ($9.79 inc GST)

        3-Ply Anti-Microbial Fabric Face Mask - 1 Mask

        SKU: CV33
        $2.50 ex GST

        ($2.75 inc GST)

          Reusable Fabric Face Masks - White - Small Size

          SKU: RP-285
          $2.50 ex GST

          ($2.75 inc GST)