Self Adhesive Pipe Markers - All Sizes & Titles

Self Adhesive Pipe Markers are used for pipe content identification. Pipe markers must be positioned nearby junctions, valves, service appliances, bulkhead and wall penetrations. AS 1345-1995 and ANZ 5807:1980 (Identification of the contents of pipes, conduits & ducts) states that pipe markers must be placed in intervals of no more than 8m apart. Pipe marker spacing may extend to (but not exceed) 50 metres on long, continuous straight runs of external services.

HiCraft Self Adhesive Pipe Markers are made from high quality outdoor grade vinyl with industrial grade pressure sensitive adhesive for maximum durability and performance. Supplementary markers are also available to provide more detailed information on pipe contents. Click on the Supplementary Pipe Markers category below for more information.

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